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Walk in Clinic Oshawa & Family Doctor Oshawa

Get in touch with us by sending a message or email.

Get in touch with us by sending a message or email.

You can also phone us during business hours.

Walk in Clinic & Family Doctor in Oshawa

New Dawn Medical Family practice/Walk-in clinic provides family Medicine and walk-in services to patients in Oshawa and Durham. The Family Doctor is accepting new patients. We are conveniently located in the heart of Oshawa and we have a dedicated team of a Family Doctor and Nurse Practitioner to cater to your Family.

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Our team of medical professionals is eager to help customers in the community. Our number one priority is to provide comprehensive medical care for customers without a family doctor. We are also happy to look after those people who have one but can’t reach them.

The family doctors we have on-staff focus on advice, assessment, and providing treatments for your health. You don’t need to make an appointment for our walk-in clinic in Oshawa. The medical staff there treats and assess injuries like cuts and bruises, sprains, and minor infections.

Our team also looks after medical problems like infections, earaches, and eye injuries. There is also a state-of-the-art pharmacy in Oshawa at the same location. We can also dispense your prescriptions.

Medical Situations

MedPlus Pharmacy is a walk-in clinic that looks after a variety of non-urgent medical situations. We are here when you are looking for the finest medical treatment available in your community. We are dedicated to providing the finest patient care. Partnering with the community is how we provide the best healthcare possible.

Medical Service

Why not skip long waiting lines by taking advantage of our walk-in clinic? We offer prompt medical care that covers many of your different requirements. Everything we do is absolutely safe and it’s done in a quick and efficient manner adhering to Covid-19 protocols. Most services are covered under OHIP.

Pharmacy Staff

What’s more, our highly trained pharmacy staff will fill your prescriptions quickly and accurately. They also offer in-depth counseling.

When you have an urgent need for excellent medical help, come to our walk-in clinic in Oshawa. Don’t forget that our pharmacy in Oshawa is independently owned and operated. That way we provide outstanding customer service as well as customized healthcare for each individual. We are proud of the flexibility this service offers that’s unrivaled by any of the competition.

New Dawn Medical is Now Accepting New Patients