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Blister Packing

Packing It Right For Utmost Health

Another one of the comprehensive services we offer to our customers is blister packaging in Oshawa. These have weekly or monthly labels with all of the important details about how you need to take your medicine.

It’s a perfect solution for people who have trouble remembering the times and dates they need to take important medicine. Other customers might forget what time they are supposed to take a particular dose. Other people might forget whether they’ve taken a certain medication.

MedPlus Pharmacy has blister or dosette packing for these situations and others. This feature is another reason why we are so proud of our pharmacy that’s also an important part of the community.

Blister Packing Walk in clinic oshawa

Blister Packaging in Oshawa and Free Delivery

We also supply free home delivery because one of our number one priorities is providing convenience for our customers at home and work. It’s just another way that we are dedicated to making sure each and every one of our customers gets the best care. Our well-informed friendly staff and licensed pharmacists are available to fill out your prescriptions and refills.

There are some other big advantages to using our blister packaging in Oshawa. These make sure that the proper medication dose is taken exactly at the right time in an efficient manner. The doses are organized by time of day and date. Whether you need to take your medication in the morning, noon, evening, or bedtime, these packages will keep you on schedule.


Remember there are a variety of multidose and single-dose options. Some incorporate extra-large blisters that can hold a bigger selection of pill shapes and sizes.

We are a pharmacy that’s dedicated to the community of Oshawa. The services we have include the finest patient care through an experienced team of staff and pharmacists. We also offer delivery services that are available across the country.

Best Outcomes

Making sure the needs of each of our customers are met is our goal. We work with a team of multidisciplinary healthcare experts so that each patient gets the best possible outcome.

Because we believe in supplying a convenient service to our customers at work and at home, MedPlus Pharmacy offers free home delivery. We want to help those customers who might have trouble taking their medications on time and on a constant basis. If that sounds like you, please consider Blister Packaging in Oshawa.

Medication Review

Medications Optimized For A Healthy Living

Medication Review Walk in clinic oshawa

The Medplus Pharmacy, Oshawa provides medication review that allows you to evaluate your prescription and non-prescription medications. These assessments rely on treatment or medicine. 

Our pharmacists delivering medication review in Oshawa can help comprehend your medication-related concerns as well. 
Visit our Medplus compounding pharmacy Oshawa to get a effective Medication Review.


Guarding You Against Preventable Diseases.

Consult our pharmacist oshawa for protection and prevention against flu or other foreign or tropical diseases.Vaccinations can be administered on-site at our oshawa walk-in clinic * Vaccines include shingles and travel vaccines.

All Medplus Pharmacists undergo injection training, live workshops, first-aid, and CPR. Our pharmacists i  Oshawa can administer certain vaccines to adults and children above a specific age. Age restrictions may apply.

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Diabetes Care

Sweeter Life With Less Sugar

Diabetes Care Pharmacy Oshawa

Walk in clinic Oshawa offers patients having difficulties from pre-diabetes, diabetes, or have just been diagnosed, a wide range tests and measures to keep your glycemia under control with medications and lifestyle changes.

The walk-in clinic and pharmacy in Oshawa offer A1C testing, blood sugar readings, and information on self-monitoring.

Blood Pressure Management

Taming Blood Pressure For Your Wellness 

High blood pressure causes heart disease, stroke, renal failure and many more cardiovascular problems. Thereby, it is always a good option to visit our clinic in Oshawa to help evaluate your blood pressure readings. This can help evaluate whether you require a hypertension treatment or how it is needed to be modified. Register for a Blood Pressure Check card with our Medplus pharmacists in Oshawa

Blood Pressure Management Walk in clinic oshawa

Heart Health

For A Heart That Beats Healthily For Years 

Heart Health Pharmacy near me

Our walk-in clinic in Oshawa aims to help you protect your heart at all costs. These includesaltering controllable risk factors, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol therapy, and adopting healthy lifestyle practices.

Medplus walk-in clinic in Oshawa helps patients eat, feel, and function better with a healthy heart. Our walkin clinic in Oshawa can help rejuvenate your heart and minimize your chance of heart disease.

If you are taking medications  for your heart, our pharmacists in Oshawa can recommend testing to see if your blood pressure or cholesterol levels are well-controlled or if treatment adjustments are required.