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As a compounding pharmacy in Oshawa Medplus, provide medications at a personalized level with delicate care and attention. Thus joining hands with the best compounding pharmacy in Oshawa is crucial. Our pharmacy in Oshawa embodies a team of seasoned pharmacists in Oshawa who can tailor custom made medications to your specific needs. 

compounding pharmacy oshawa
compound medications oshawa

At our compound medication center we uniquely modify the medium and taste of medications to match your liking and convenience. Our Pharmacy also covers a vast range of compounding services including Dental, anti-aging, flavour, paediatric, veterinary and other kinds of compounding.

Our Compounding Pharmacy formulations include:








What makes compounding different?

custom-made Compounding Pharmacy oshawa

Custom Made

Compounding we undertake are unique that is meant to meet your requirements, like avoiding preservatives, sugar or specific requirements likewise.

Cost Effective Compounding Pharmacy oshawa

Cost Effective

Our compounding pharmacy in Oshawa is well received for delivering services at affordable rates

Personalized Compounding Pharmacy oshawa


We are here to tailor medications to your specific needs of taste or medium of intake

Insurance Coverage Pharmacy Oshawa

Insurance Coverage

Make your insurance claim, and save money by just dropping your insurance information with us.

A compounding pharmacy delivers customized versions of the prescribed medications to the patients. By customized it means, people have their own unique requirements while taking medications. These can include the medium of intake, like solid or fluid, adding distinct flavor for easy consumption, making it sugar-free, removing compounds within that create reactions in the patients’ body, eradicating preservatives, so on and so forth.

Therapeutic Areas

Custom compounded medications can be useful in many areas such as:

Dermatology Walk in clinic oshawa


Pain Management Walk in clinic oshawa

Pain Management

Pediatrics Walk in clinic oshawa


Podiatry Walk in clinic oshawa


Dentistry Walk in clinic oshawa


Veterinary Walk in clinic oshawa


Menopause Walk in clinic oshawa


Andropause Walk in clinic oshawa


Palliative Care Walk in clinic, oshawa

Palliative Care

Sports Medicine Walk in clinic oshawa

Sports Medicine

Wound Care Walk in clinic oshawa

Wound Care

Tuberous Sclerosis Walk in clinic oshawa

Tuberous Sclerosis

Therapy Adjustments

Putting Medications On Track

Therapy Adjustment Walk in clinic oshawa

Medication therapy should be a comfortable and easy chore. The medication therapy we provide at our compounding pharmacy in Oshawa helps you make it more manageable.

We help make necessary adjustments to medications that mitigates undesired effects of it, these can include identifying harmful drug interactions and minimizing them. 

Our Pharmacist in Oshawa can also ensure that your therapy is uninterrupted by refilling it on time.

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