Addiction Clinic

Free Your Spirit The From Hardships of Addiction.

Our substance use, pain and methadone clinic in Oshawa provides assessments and treatments to tackles addiction and pain effectively. The treatment plans we deliver are strategized, revived and modified to fit the patient’s changing needs over thr course of de-addiction and pain management..

Our substance use and pain clinics provide same day assessments and treatments. Treatment plans are reviewed and modified to fit the patient’s changing needs

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Substance Use

Towards A Sober & Safer Life

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Substance use deteriorates your brain and body in multiple ways. At our addiction clinic in Oshawa, we provide methadone treatment to fight opioid addiction. Our team is well trained to effectively handle cravings and withdrawals when it comes to recovering from addiction. The our methadone clinic in Oshawa handles rehabilitation from a wide range opioid substance use. 

Alcohol Addiction

Keeping Alcohol At Bay 

Alcohol can get addictive faster than you can comprehend. Thus treating requires the aid of a dedicated team who understands the intensity and multiple factors of the struggle. 

The two major treatment regimen at our addiction clinic in Oshawa includes, using Acamprosate is believed to restore the brain cells affected by regular & heavy drinking. And the other one is Naltrexone, an opioid antagonist. This works by reducing the pleasurable effects of alcohol, making the user aversive and less dependent on alcohol.

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Chronic Pain Management

A Pain Free Life Awaits You

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Suboxone treatment is provided by our addiction clinic in Oshawa. It helps manage chronic pain that  can arise out of chronic conditions, cancer and more. It has lower risk of dependency and mild withdrawal symptoms. 

Smoking Cessation

Quit It For A Better Tomorrow 

Smoking can get very addictive and hard to quit, thus it is always better to choose an addiction clinic in Oshawa that deals with it effectively. At Medplus addiction clinic Oshawa, we provide smoking cessation programs that are scientific and evidence based. Our addiction clinic in Oshawa provides supportive care that tailor smoking cessation plans that are unique and in accordance to your strengths and weaknesses. 

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